Renert School of Learning – Calgary, AB

Size: 40,000 SF
Location: Calgary, AB

The project is a 5 storey building addition to the existing Renert School of Learning. The Renert School is an accredited private school in northwest Calgary, established in September 2013. Renert School offers a new and innovative educational model dedicated to nurturing students’ passions. The Renert School is designed to reflect the progressive educational vision of the owners. It is a hybrid school and community centre, featuring studio spaces for art dance, martial arts, music, and yoga. By design, the building is as non-institutionalized as possible. It provides a fun, visually stimulating environment that students want to come to every day. The building façade design is a series of offset coloured boxes reflecting the diverse and unique learning that occurs. Colour and natural light define the building and interior spaces including a roof top recreational space. All areas inside and outside contribute to the children’s education.