Jim Pattison Toyota

Size: 45,200
Location: Winnipeg, MB

Building consisting of 45,200 square feet of new construction was designed around a program integrating an automotive dealership including sales and automotive servicing with autobody assessment and repair.

The building is situated on Regent Ave. in Winnipeg with extensive visual access to Regent Ave. allowing for Toyota’s branding design to be immediately recognizable.

The architecture of the building demonstrates transparency between the public and the interior spaces.  The interior spatially and visually connects the customers to the new vehicle delivery and service drive through functions.  The sales team is integrated with the customer areas and vehicle display allowing for quick and easy discussions and interaction.

The Toyota Tower feature allows clear visibility from far away and invites customers to the building to see the new vehicles. The expansive showroom space with hung wood trellis detailing invites the customers to lounge and browse the new vehicles within a warm and comforting space.