Beausejour Health Centre

Size: 45,300 SF
Location: Beausejour, MB
The redevelopment of Beausejour Health Centre included new construction to accommodate a 30 patient bed unit and clinical support areas (emergency, O. R., lab and X-ray, pharmacy, health records, etc.), as well as facility support functions, (offices, energy plant, food services, laundry, housekeeping, staff education, etc.). The existing hospital building was completely redeveloped to include a Primary Care Centre which incorporated Physician and Nurse Practitioner Exam/Consultation Services, Public Health, Home Care, Mental Health, Diabetic Education Resources, Services to Seniors, Community Nutrition, as well as a regional Therapy Services Department (0. T., P.T., Audiology and Speech Language Pathology).

The new health centre was clad in brick and native limestone, and richly landscaped to provide a very non-institutional appearance. Exterior activity areas were developed for the inpatient unit, the staff lounge/dining area, and for the therapy services area.