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Winnipeg, MB

Size: 10,000 SF

Award: Commerce Design Winnipeg 2018 recipient

The meat preparation and smoking room is a primary function in the development of the floor plan and building design. The second storey building mass resembles a wood laminated butcher block. The building massing and materials convey a neighborhood presence that has become, for North Winnipeg and Tenderloin Meats and Sausage, a strong identity.

The architecture of the building maintains transparency between the public and the interior retail space by allowing the retail functions and service to be transparent to the customers. The predominantly glazed facade allows the retail services to be viewed from the exterior, while glazed openings connecting the sales areas to the meat coolers and productions areas.

The interior retail vaulted area focuses attention on the traditional wood laminated butcher block and is emphasized by ceiling volume and mobiles angled and pointing attention to the butcher. Meat preparation and attention to meat cutting is the focus of the retail offering.

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