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Various locations in Alberta

Size: 45,000 SF

Freson Market is a family-run chain of grocery stores; 18 and counting, which has expanded throughout Alberta since the first store opened over fifty years ago.

Developments include Drumheller in 2002, followed by locations in Hanna, Manning, Stony Plain and Fort Saskatchewan.

The exterior design creates a welcoming entry into "The Market", which reaches a height of 42' with an expansive 40' span in a traditional turn of the century open steel truss frame. The exterior peak and ridge of 140' length cladded rich bright red, can be seen from a far distance and carries into and above the store fresh produce hall, "The Market".

The design components, graphics and services were uniquely developed for the flagship store in Stony Plain, to create the unique Freson Bros. food experience.

The services that have been added reflect the Alberta consumer, focus on fresh food and home cooking from the Hot Kitchens, serving up Alberta Beef, Alberta Pork and Alberta Chicken, for in-store meat programs.

Hot Kitchen, Kitchens of the World and Fresh Kitchen Salad Bar augment grocery offering in deli meat, cheese, sandwiches and pizza. The grocery store has a 100 person seating area that customers can dine-in and order direct from all kitchens.

The Market offers a community based shipping experience, where every visitor is a part of the Freson Bros. brand and service.

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